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- "Bluish Free Fall"
- "Rusty Curtain Lecture"
- "Untitled 02-03"
- "Untitled 02-05"
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selected prints
"Bluish Free Fall"

John Newman
"Rusty Curtain Lecture"

John Newman
"Untitled 02-03"

John Newman
"Untitled 02-05"

John Newman
John Newman : 1952 , Flushing, NY : Lives in New York City

John Newman makes rich, complicated sculpture. He brings materials and techniques used by local artisans from around the world to make concentrated and intricate objects. Sisal and bark, braided copper wire, rice paper and paste are fashioned into substantial, aggregated forms. "He is impelled by and urges his viewers to consider, 'an intimate rapport with objects'".

Newman's drawings and prints compress the role of drawing and sculpture. He depicts illusionistic spaces and forms that defy physical laws, like Piranesi's visionary architecture. In his first visit to Shark's in December 2002, Newman made two lithographs,"Bluish Free Fall" and "Rusty Curtain Lecture" and a group of hand-colored monotypes.

John Newman's work is in many public collections including the Albertina Museum, Vienna, The Brooklyn Museum, The Metropolitan Museum, the National Gallery of Berlin, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

John Newman received a Prix de Rome fellowship for 2003/2004.

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